Watchdog Document Services Offered

On-site Document Shredding

On-site Document Shredding

We've designed our Onsite Document Shredding Service for those situations when your organization requires the immediate or witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted or royalty-based materials directly on premises.

Key features of our Onsite Document Shredding service include:

  • Complete onsite destruction of paper documents
  • Service performed by trained specialists and equipment operators who have passed rigorous background checks
  • Mobile shredding vehicles outfitted with precision destruction equipment and comprehensive security controls
  • A documented Chain-of-Custody to establish accountability
  • Secure and environmentally friendly disposition of shredded materials

Off-site Records Storage


As a records storage center we understand how important information is to your business. It requires confidential handling and secure storage. We offer both.


Our offsite center offers more than a storage facility. We offer a variety of professional services including pickup, delivery, inventory retrieval, storage, media storage and records destruction.

We provide the manpower needed to pickup and deliver your information whether its standard timing, a rush job or an emergency. And we'll make sure you get your information on time.


Conserving resources and cutting costs are among the most popular activities in corporations today. We know you need all the help you can get. Managing important and confidential information can be a significant drain on your staff resources. We provide a professionally trained staff to manage those needs for you so you can focus on your core business issues. Are you considering using your expensive office space to store information? Thinking about tying up your assests in a special warehouse and expensive storage equipment? Let us manage that information for you.

Media Vault Storage & Rotation

Media Vault Storage & Rotation

This is a storage area that provides off-site secure back-up area for computer and film storage.

Obviously natural disasters are one of our primary concerns but there are many "in house" factors that make media vaulting a serious consideration:

  • Human error
  • Hardware failure
  • Fraud
  • Disk crash
  • Sabotage
  • Computer virus
  • Power outage
  • Fire
  • Lightening
  • Disgruntled staff
  • Tornado

The most important information your company has is on your company! How will you assure it won't be lost? Watchdog will pickup and securely deliver new backup media to assure your information will never be lost.

What We Shred

What We Shred

  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Records
  • Checks
  • Invoices
  • Payroll Records
  • Employee Information
  • Sales Reports/Information
  • Personal Client Information
  • Customer Lists
  • Interoffice Correspondence
  • Photocopies
  • Medical Records
  • Prescription Information
  • X-rays
  • Audio & Video Tapes
  • Badges or ID Cards
  • Photographs