Off Site Records Storage

Store your documents in our records storage center in Tuscaloosa, AL.

In the digital age, physical records have become more valuable than ever. Protect them from thieves, fires and floods by storing them at the Watchdog Document Services, Inc headquarters in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our record storage company meticulously catalogs documents so that authorized individuals can find them easily.

We also offer portable storage solutions and document shredding services in Tuscaloosa, Fayette, AL & Columbus, MS. Read on to learn more.

Offering convenient, reliable services since 2004

The Perdue family started Watchdog Document Services to help  residents of Tuscaloosa, Fayette, AL, Starkville & Columbus, MS destroy sensitive documents safely and securely. Over the years, we've expanded our services to make document shredding more accessible.

You can now...


  • Schedule our shredding truck to purge your document backlog
  • Place locked cabinets around your workplace to shred documents as necessary
  • Store sensitive documents at our secure storage facility until it's time to shred them

To request a free estimate on record storage or document shredding services, call 205-345-4111 now.

Serving Western Alabama and Eastern Mississippi