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Shredding Containers

Every business has sensitive documents that require disposal, but ensuring that these documents don’t fall into the wrong hands is critical for privacy and security. Our shredding containers are crafted with your business’s security needs in mind, guaranteeing that your confidential papers are safely stored until they are shredded.

Why Use Shredding Containers?

Shredding containers provide a secure and efficient solution for managing the disposal of confidential documents. By utilizing these specialized containers, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of sensitive information breaches. These containers are designed for convenience, ensuring employees can quickly dispose of documents without compromising security. Once the documents are inside, unauthorized personnel cannot retrieve them, offering peace of mind to businesses concerned about protecting their confidential information.

These containers are also exceptionally beneficial for clients who utilize scheduled shredding services. They seamlessly integrate into a regular shredding schedule, ensuring that sensitive documents are stored securely until the designated shredding time. This simplifies the document disposal process and enhances compliance with data protection regulations. 

95 Gallon Cart

This cart is perfect for larger volume paper collection. It features a narrow profile and a locking system.


Dimensions: 44”H x 25”W x 35”D
Capacity: 350 lbs


  • 12” rubber wheels making it easy to move
  • Molded paper slot and deflector
  • Narrow profile
  • Durable construction

Regal Ergo Cabinet

The perfect choice for effective document collection in an office environment.


Dimensions: 35”H x 19”W x 17”D
Capacity: Up to 90 lb (41kg)


  • Convenient built-in handles
  • Elegant and functional
  • Table top for extra storage
  • High capacity paper collection bag
  • Plastic corner protectors to prevent damage

Different Placement Options for Your Security Needs

Our range of shredding containers caters to different needs. The 95 Gallon Cart suits high-volume disposal areas near copiers, printing stations, or archive rooms where large amounts of sensitive documents are generated. On the other hand, the Regal Ergo Cabinet, with its compact and sleek design, fits seamlessly into office spaces, reception areas, or workstations, ensuring sensitive documents are discretely and securely stored within arm’s reach. Both containers are designed with mobility and security in mind, offering flexible solutions to meet the unique shredding needs of your business environment.

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