Protecting Your Privacy is Our Priority

Keep Your Confidential Documents Safe In Tuscaloosa, AL


Not every organization relies solely on digital records. If you have to keep track of educational, medical or financial documents, don’t store them where you live or work. Doing so could increase the risk of identity theft. Instead, take advantage of our limitless record storage services.

Watchdog Document Services, Inc has a secure facility in Tuscaloosa, AL that’s designed for educational, financial and medical record storage. We’ll keep track of your records by…

  • Creating a bar code for each box
  • Recording the location of your documents in our system
  • Scanning your documents and providing a digital copy for your reference
Tall shelves full of document boxes in storage

When you need to access your original documents, simply call or email our staff. We can retrieve your documents at a moment’s notice.

Why should you choose Watchdog Document Services?

Our record storage services can save you the trouble of keeping confidential information on-site, maintaining storage facilities and hiring security guards. Keep reading to find out why Tuscaloosa, AL area clients trust us with their educational, financial and medical record storage.

Record Storage


At Watchdog Document Services, we are committed to helping you optimize the way your business manages vitally important files and records while also providing a quick and efficient way to retrieve them. We provide both confidential handling, secure storage and inventory retrieval.

An employee putting a box of documents on a shelf with many other boxes for document storage


Our offsite center offers more than just a storage facility. Our professional services also include the following options:

  • Pickup
  • Delivery
  • Inventory retrieval
  • Secure Storage
  • Media Storage
  • Records Destruction

We provide the manpower needed to pick up and deliver your information whether it’s standard timing, a rush job or an emergency. We will make sure you get your information on time.


Conserving resources and cutting costs are among the most important activities in business today. We are here to provide you with solutions that can improve the management of important and confidential information without putting a significant drain on your staff resources. We provide a professionally trained staff to manage those needs to allow you to focus on your core business issues. Are you considering using your expensive office space to store information? Thinking about tying up your assets in a special warehouse and expensive storage equipment? Let Watchdog Document Services manage that information for you.


Turning your records into electronic files makes them retrievable and accessible when needed. It is extremely hard to find a paper file in a large in-house storage area. It is much easier when you can open a computer file, or have a referenced CD, than to look through indexed files to find the document you need. You send us the box and we return you a CD. It’s that simple and cost effective.

  • Save space
  • Index
  • Control access to sensitive files
  • Prevent environmental destruction of files
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